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Re: 1990 V8Q front floor carpet???

At 05:59 PM 4/23/96 EDT, you wrote:
>Because of wear/stains, I want to replace the front carpet. Does 
>anyone have a source for this??
>(other than a dealer) If only available through a dealer, any 
>recommendations for one who is
>reasonably priced??
>1990 V8Q

I too have this same dilemma with my V8.  I tried ordering a set of floor
mats from the dealer, but they did not fit properly, the platinum color did
not match at all, and the little "anchors" that hold them in place were too
small to fit those orange screws in the floor.  According to my dealer parts
guy, VW-Audi has changed their floormat source, so some of them are messed
up.  When I ordered mats for my 5kCST, the size and color was perfect, but
the anchors again did not fit.  I had to have them machine the orange screws
down a little bit.  Not only that, but they came out in a brushed
aluminum-like color, which looks way cooler than that nasty orange (why did
they choose that color?)

Plus, the V8 has some funky floormats that come in the car.  They are not
really mats, but part of the carpet, because when you pull them up, there is
a big hole in the floor, and a 1" thick piece of padding on the underside of
the mat to fill it in.  The mats I ordered from Audi were made to fit OVER
this built-in mat, but they didn't even fit right.  Needless to say I was
very disappointed...

Now I am going to check on some custom inserts from a local upholstery shop.
Should be able to be done, will probably just cost a little more...wish me

 Chris King           ===================================================
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