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Keeping your car and getting the money

	Although the post is not clear on this point, I am assuming the 
damage caused to Todd's 4kq was (1)not his fault, and (2) State Farm is 
the other driver's insurance company.  

	Using these assumptions, State Farm cannot require you to total 
the car.  While this will certainly benefit State Farm [pay you for the 
damage, salvage the title, and sell back to you for $500-$800 probly] too 
fuc*ing bad for State Farm.  Unless Illinois has enacted some really bad 
insurance laws, AND State Farm is the other driver's insurer AND it was 
his / her fault, you have the option to (1) get a check for the amount of 
damage [make sure an AUDI dealership does the written estimate--here is 
where dealerships are helpful due to their insane repair estimates] AND 
keep your car [title does NOT need to change hands in this 
deal--therefore, no salvage title] or, (2) have the car totalled and let 
them have it.

	Basically, State Farm is telling you that you must sell your car 
to them, for what they are wanting to pay.  So long as my assumptions 
above are correct? this just isn't the way it is.  

	Assuming State Farm is the other driver's insurer, and the damage 
was not your fault, I'd tell'em to kiss my ass.  Believe me, a push here 
and a pull there, they will.

Good Luck,