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Audi Sport UK web site

Audi Sport UK Official Web Site Notes
Greetings everyone...!!   Yes... That's right, Audi Sport UK has an
official web site.  Very Cool. Mucho Awesome...

I have scanned some of the new 1996 Audi Sport UK brochure photos along
with other Donnington Press day photos from the first round of the BTCC.
Most of these are NOT on the Audi Sport UK web site and ONLY on my web
page.  Please go to my web site for all the details and tons of Audi A4
Supertouring quattro pics.  (I added alot of pics and it takes a while to
load, but WELL worth it.) I will update this on a weekly basis, so the
photos will change with many more to come...

Also, I have the latest "quattro collectibles" brochure from Audi Sport UK.
Even cooler than the web site. Tons of stuff to order, ALL quattro goodies,
etc. I am also working with Audi of America to bring it direct to all of
us, eliminating the overseas expense.

Stay tuned. Major Audi Sport goodies are on there way...!!!

Thompson Smith - New England Region, QCUSA