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quattro-digest V3 #382

>I'm having a problem with an odd noise coming from the vehicle while its being
>driven.  The sound is similar to that of when you stick something in the 
>spokes of a bicycle.  There's a constact ticking or tacking while the car is 
>being driven.  As I increase the speed of the car, the ticks per revolution 
>also increase. Drivability isn't affected, but my conern is that maybe over 
>time the noise will lead to something catastrophic.  The car has 38,000 miles 
>on it.

How much backlash do you get when you let off the throttle.  Check the drive
shaft C/V joints (most likely the front).  It is not a common problem but the
joint could be bad.   Check to make sure that when you turn the drive shaft the
joint has no play in it.  Crawl under the car and turn the shaft by hand.  I
have a bad joint on my '88 80q and it can be fixed for ~$250. Anderson Bros. is
going to do mine.   AoA sells the whole shaft for ~$900.  Like I said it's not
common but something to check.  Hope this helps.


Robert Bauer
'88 80q