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Oil Leak - 5KCSTQ

         Just another annoying problem with the old 5KCSTQ.  While looking
         over the right strut housing, preparing to replace the right wheel
         bearing,  I noticed that I have an oil leak on the right side of
         the engine just below the front edge of the valve cover.  At first
         I thought it was the valve cover leaking but it appears to be
         wetter near the interface of the head and the block.  Is there an
         oil passage in the head near the front right corner that could be
         leaking from the head gasket?  Hope not, but if there is can
         retorquing the head possibly help? Any other thoughts on what
         could be leaking?


         Sal Nicosia
         '87 5KCSTQ
         '91 MB300E
         '77 Vette(for sale)