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Re: why no S6's in MASS

On Wed, 24 Apr 1996, Robert D. Russell wrote:

>         A friend of mine asked me to enquire about the S6 avant. I went over
> to the dealer in west springfield ma. and talked to my friend Roland (the
> audi god)
> quite possibly one of the best audi techs in new england. Suprised when he
> said he never had seen any come through the dealership. He said they(S6)
> were not sold in  MA. does any one know why?

I know roland, he is sharp, but if you want to talk sharp, talk to Mark 
in parts... he'll scare you! Mark also said Fathers and Sons hasnt had 
any S6's either, but Im not sure why. It isnt true they arent available 
in Mass, I was in Boston last week and saw two new ones at a dealer (Cant 
remember the name offhand) so they are available...

(Roland has really saved my butt in a pinch a few times!)

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