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Cooling Probs Continued

Hey all, here's the deal (on the 80Q) and thanks for the suggestions:

1. Relays, Fuses, etc.: OK
2. Fan: forced run with AC and powered direct: Runs OK
3. Two "top" switches on Rad: OK
4. Switch on Expansion Tank: OK
5. Thermo Switch/Stat:

I did not have time to mess with taking the thermo switch off or testing
the stat, so I took it to the local AutoHaus.  My guy there (who gets me
parts at 30% off of dealer $) is currently testing the thermo switch/stat.
The engine runs, but the rad stays cold.  If it isn't the switch/stat, it
is the mother of all cooling hassles: THE PLUGGED RADIATOR.

How many of you have replaced a plugged core Rad?  How many miles till it
went?  How much did the new one go for?

Hot in LA, hot under my hood and hot under the collar,

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