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Ur-Q MMs

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  Yep, got the hydrolic MM's in the Ur-Q. I just think that they are a=20
better product and I would not be happy with the new "replacement" MM's.

I'm spending the $$$ again and gittin the right parts. Thanks!

  So, if your Ur-Q is close-to-stock, then what have you done to the=20
KUQEFH to make it so "K"? Just curious....I like to be nosey. :)

Only the engine is Killer - the rest of the Ur is pretty much, ummmm, =


I'll publish more specs & info to the list, but, it's got custom =
pistons, 180 grams lighter Vs stock, .100" overbore, everything balanced =
& blueprinted, heavily ported, polished & flowed head, intake and =
2-piece exhaust, Hand-crafted Manley SS w/chrome plated shafts - 1mm =
larger exh valves and .5mm larger intake valves, Crane springs, 4-anlge =
valve seats, custom-ground 270 .441" cam, degreed 8 BTDC, hand =
fabricated valve guides, S4 WC turbo, IA Stage II ECU, K&N, adj WG, =
mixture enrichment system, exh temp, mixture displ, knock disp, water =
temp, oil press, boost to 30 PSI, cat-back straight 2 1/2" exh, etc, =

  Hmmmmmmmm....don't know about the "heavy duty" MM application, but=20
perhaps it's something to check into. I just heard about the SportQ MM's =

from John Beckius who told me that he has a SportQ parts fiche. Try this =

one on for size.......the corbon-kevlar fan shroud for the 750 watt=20
SportQ Rad. fan is $3000! How do you like them apples?

 Laters, Ben


Tell me about the Q Sport MMs!