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used Qs

I've owned many high-mileage Quattros over the years. Most of the =
problems will be wrung out by the time you hit 50k mi. A quattro is =
nicely broken in at around 100k mi. If the car is still running well and =
reliable at 100k mi (most Qs are) then you can be pretty sure that =
you'll see 200k with good maint. What you will have for problems will =
most likely be stupid little things - door handles, lightbulbs that burn =
out, power window switches that fail, but not expensive problems like =
engines, trans, clutches, etc. The expensive parts are pretty much =
bulletproof. Good quality maintenance is key - for any mechanical device =
you want to get a long lifetime from - including Japanese transportation =
applicances that provide little or no driver/owner satisfaction.