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halfshafts, tie rod ends for 1990 Coupe Q

Good morning listers!

I went to NTW last night for a check on my alignment...

The results are:  I need new tie rod ends, and the 
front right outer cv boot is ripped...

So, enlightened Audi owners, especially Coupe Q owners, HELP!

I'll call Fred's Tranaxle in FLA for a quote. Are there any
other recommended sources for rebuilt half-shafts?

What size 12pt socket do I need to remove the half shaft??

Has anyone done this service themselves on a Coupe Q, do you
have any tips on the procedure?

Aside from the fact that I have to do this soon, because of the
degradation in handling, are there any inherent dangers?  

IE, I'm going away for the weekend, and have roughly a 40 mile round trip 
commute daily to work.

I'll be scouring through Bentley, looking at the procedures.

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro