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Re: Paint Restoration

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When I bought my 87 5K, the local "Flying Colors" shop had just done 
this type of touch up work.  In Colorado, we also have this sand/grit 
on the roads all winter (and lots of spring), so hoods and windshields 
take a beating.  I though that they did a great job, and after 3 
years, there was more chipping, but the touch up paint seemed to 
survive as well as the factory paint.  I was also very hesitant to 
paint the entire hood, as one of the things I like about German cars 
is the paint jobs.

I am now considering this same treatment for my 3-1/2 year old S4.  
(Red primer is showing through on the headlight washers!)  Several 
people have also recommended putting an "invisible" bra on the leading 
edge of the hood.  Anyone have experience with these?

Jim Warren
Fort Collins, CO

92 S4

>Subject: Paint Restoration
>I'm taking my Coupe into a local 'Chips Away' franchise to have some 
>paint restoration work done. My car was originally from Alberta, 
>Canada where sand/grit is used in place of salt in the winter time 
>(something about low temperatures and the ineffectivness of salt). 
>Consequently, there are a large number of stone chips particularily 
>on the leading edge of the hood.
>The paint on the car is original and there is no rust. I'm very 
>reluctant to paint it. My question is, has anyone on the list had 
>experiences with having paint chips airbrushed? Apparently this is 
>the technique they employ. Is it a permanent fix and how invisible is 
>'82 Coupe