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Re: AC

At 08:22 PM 4/25/96 -0500, you wrote:

>>On a related note, how does one go about yanking an A/C compressor?  I'm
>>not going to want to let the coolant escape, and I'm not going to put in a
>>rechaging tap to fill it myself.  Is the best bet getting an audi-type
>>mechanic to disconnect it/pull it out of ther car?
>>This is so that I can dissect the compressor+find out what the heck went
>>wrong... I might even be able to get it working half decently...I suspect
>>that I'll be looking around for a set of bearings, so if anyone knows of a
>>place that has a fair variety of bearings+casings-I have a feeling that
>>I'll find a casing that has an inside track shaped like a O...

  You can't remove the a/c compressor without releasing the freon since it
circulates through the compressor.  The best bet to discharge the system is
to take it to a shop that has a recycler and have them capture the freon.
NOTE: It is illegal to just crack open the system and let the freon escape
into the atmosphere.
  As far as the recharging tap goes, it is not necessary to add a schrader
valve as all automotive systems that I know of already have the appropriate
valves installed.  
  Bearings should be available from a local bearing supplier. Just remove
the old bearings and call them with the numbers to find out if they stock
them.  The number will probably be something like 6201ZZ or something like
  I was able to find the bearings for my radiator fan from a local supplier,
so I would assume that the a/c compressor would be similar.

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