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Almost a Great Deal on a V8

I saw an ad for a 90 V8 last weekend in the paper, it was there for only two
days. It has 38K, and the other regular stuff. They were asking 14,000.

I finally got a hold of the guy today, and he said it was his grandfather's who
passed away three months ago. He was the original owner. He didn't have any idea
what a V8 was. Sounds too good to be true.

So I drove down there (it's in Bridgeport, CT) thinking of what I could steal
the car for. Ohhhh, it will be so great, I know I wanted a '91 200 TQ, but a
beatiful V8 with 38K for, ohhhhh...., maybe 9,000? I was in heaven.

I got to the place, apartments/condos for mostly ederly. The doorman inside rang
the grandson, there were a lot of elderly people in the lobby. The car was
downstairs in the garage. We go down there and it is very dark, some cars have a
lot of dust on them from sitting so long. Too good to be true!

The car is brone (he told me orange red on the phone) with black interior. Does
it get better? Then I drove it out of the garage to sunlight to inspect it.
Inside looks pretty good, dashboard looks very cool in dark garage.

But, all good things must come to an end. Inspection revealed that it has too
many defects for me.  Now I'm looking for a car that is almost perfect, but if
I'm going to buy a 91 200 TQ or a V8 and have time, I'll find one.

For those who are interested:

1990 V8
Mileage - 38K on the clock, but could it have had the dash changed out?
Color - Bronze with black interior.
Stock Radio
Brakes - Conversion from UFO (NO UFO BRAKES)
Antennea - Old 5000 style (large mast) mounted in left rear fender
Defects - looked like they had the car detailed. The carpet looks kinda funky
because it was shampooed. Dashboard looks good. Seats need a cleaning. The kid
told me that the inside was very dirty. 

Outside it has multiple dimples on the car sides. To most people, they wouldn't
even notice them, but to most on the list, I'm sure they would. The front end is
stone chipped below the lights, the bumpers, air dam, hood. The rear bumper has
a couple scratches and one large gouge about 1" long. 

Tires were brand new H rated Kellys. Wheels were six spoke stock alloys.

Engine compartment was definitely cleaned but still had some guk on the alloy
parts of the engine near where the water hoses go into it.

He said that 13,500 would probably be as low as they would go. Got this price
from calling a dealer. I would probably never buy it because I want something

If you could get it for 9,500 to 10,500 I think it might be a pretty good deal.

If anyone is interested, contact Steve at 203.365.7865. He doesn't know a thing
about Audis. I told him I would post this, tell him where you got it from
(nothing in it for me).

Paul Waterloo

87 5KSQ