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<5ktq>rear amp replacement the scoop

The amplifier I used is a Yamaha YPA-300 which is rated at 35w/ch.  The
speakers are Alpine 6 x 9 coaxial and are bridgeless.  This is the procedure
for replacing the speakers:
1. Remove the factory speaker grilles.
2. Remove the factory speakers by pressing in the center pins of the plastic
rivets (from the trunk side). Then pull the speakers out of the hole (from
inside the car)
3. Remove the two nuts (8mm wrench) that mount the stock amp bracket to the
rear deck.  PITA
4. I just screwed the 6 x 9 speakers to the underside of the deck using 1"
sheetrock screws. I didn't  enlarge the hole because I want to be able to
replace the stock speakers before I sell the car.  You could enlarge the
hole if you want to, but it sounds fine without doing so.
5. Pay attention to the wires that went to the stock speakers when you screw
the new speakers to the deck, because they aren't long enough to work if the
terminals are on the wrong side.

Amp procedure:
1. Amp is already unbolted.  Remove the amp from the wiring harness and
remove the ground wire also.
2. The connectors accept a standard 1/4" flat quick-connect crimp terminal.
3. The connectors are numbered one through six. There is a connector with
male terminals and one with female terminals. Connect using the following guide:

Male terminals

Term #    wire color:     connects to:
  1      blk/wht         inupt neg.
  2      red/grn         left channel input pos.
  3      wht             12v switched from radio
  4      brn             ground
  5      red             12v unswitched
  6      blu/red         right channel input pos.

Female terminals

Term #    wire color:     connects to:
1        blu/yel         right channel pos. (tweeter) I didn't connect
2        blk/wht         right channel neg.
3        blu/grn         right channel pos. (woofer)
4        blk             left channel pos. (woofer)
5        red/grn         left channel neg.
6        red/yel         left channel pos. (tweeter) I didn't connect

I used all the stock wiring and everything is sounding and working fine so
far. Probably should get a crossover so the rear tweeters can be used.
  The amp has an adjustable sensitivity control which I set for minimum

               Michael Loeks
               '86 5kcstq - Red w/ Fuchs/D60A2 wheels 1.8 bar boost
               '86 5kcstq - Grey w/ stock wheels/Comp T/A HR4 1.8 bar boost
               '84 Ford F350 dually flatbed(NOW we're talking utility)
               Warren, Oregon