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Re: California Screaming

Hairy green toads from Mars made STEADIRIC@aol.com say:

> Here in the States the Only place that you can get AvGas is at an Airport 
> and it's running about $2.50/gal for 100LL.....  It is not a good idea to 
> use in a race engine or street engine because of the lo lubricity of the 
> fuel and the lower flashpoint that is required for aircraft use hence the 
> octane requirments.....
> Besides I'd like to see just how long your O2 Sensor is going to last 
> with all that lead..... Not very...........

That's the rub. Last week at the local airport with some pilot
friends of mine, I asked about the "LL" designation on the gas.

"So, is it low enough to squeak by in a car?"

"Hahahahahahaha! That stuff has more lead than any auto gas ever did."

Oh, well.


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