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re:Coupe Quattro Brake Pad Question


I went through a similar situation when I replaced the front pads
and rotors on my CQ.  I bought an inexpensive turkey baster to
suck some of the fluid out of the master cylinder.

The job itself was pretty straight forward.  I suspended the
calipers with a coat hanger, replaced the rotors, re-attached
the caliper.

With out knowing part numbers, I can't tell you if you have the right
pads.  I bought the Repco MMs.  They came with the wear sensors, and
did not come with the clips either.  Evidently the clips really 
are required.  The trick in installing the new pads is to use a file
and clean the edges of the pad carrier.

Otherwise the front brakes are realtively easy to do!

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro