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RE: Metal Masters?

Agreed - the Acura has next to no dust.

BTW, does any set of pads work with the infernal caliper rotors?
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>Subject: 	Re: Metal Masters?
>McIntyre, Richard wrote:
>> >
>> >They do not fade, haven't shed a speck of dust in 10K miles,
>> Is this literally true?  Zero dust??
>	Yes, I'm curious, too -- I'd love to have good pads that
>	shed no dust.  From my observations, this is a peculiarly
>	European malady: just check out the number of expensive
>	MBZ's and BMW's on the road with front wheels *covered*
>	with brake-dust. My two Japanese cars that I've owned
>	in the past (an Accord and a Sentra) had almost no dust
>	trouble.
>	-Arun
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