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Re: 91 V8Q

Arun Rao writes:
> Eliot Lim wrote:
> > i seem to remember 278 bhp and 295 lbft vs. 240 bhp and 245 or 250 lbft
> > but that's the best that my memory serves. 
> 	Y'know, those are mighty big numbers: I've never driven
> 	a V8, but this car must haul serious a**! Essentially
> 	the same body and drive-train as my 200Q, but with lots
> 	more hp and torque.

The V8 does weigh more than the 200TQ, and since most V8s have
automatic transmissions the acceleration is not as quick as
the horsepower numbers might suggest.  Given that all the
91 200TQ 20V cars are manual trans, they can do 0-60 quicker
than the auto V8s.

> 	So ... why didn't this car sell better than it did? Or,
> 	why did Audi choose to drop the engine altogether? 
> 	I mean, they've been flogging the I-5 for nearly 
> 	two decades now.

Audi did not drop the V8 engine.  The current versions of the
V8 in 3.7 liter and 4.2 liter forms are available in the A8...
Coming soon to America.

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