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5KCSTQ questions

Any ideas on the following would be greatly appreciated...

The automatic fan control works erratically when the outside temp is warm,
say 60 degrees or above.  When it's cold out, no problem.  Erratic meaning
that the speed either constantly fluctuates or is too high or keeps running
even when the off button is pushed.  

The sunroof closes very slowly, sometimes stopping before fully closed.  This
is worse when the temp is cold.  It seems to open at a normal speed.

Water will leak in at the center of the top of the windshield when washing
the car and spraying this area too much or when it's parked in heavy and/or
steady rain.  I'm pretty sure the windshield has been replaced once.

When the car moves up and down, there is a "sproing" sound (no jokes now...)
from the left rear suspension when I have a passenger in the left back seat
or a fair amount of weight in the trunk.

I've seen some of you posting boost of 1.8 and 1.9.  I have the basic chip
and wastegate spring upgrade from Intended Acceleration and get 1.7 most of
the time.  How were these slightly higher levels of boost obtained?

I decided to pass on the '91 V8Q since it seems to be the least desirable
iteration and the way I like to tinker, I think my 5KCSTQ will provide much
more opportunity to do so (and contribute to lord of the four rings).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 CGT 2.3