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Re: Looking for great roads - Between GA and VT

Hey Eric.  I might have a few you can traverse.  My older brother has the
layout for the official Z3 press test route.  I've ridden/driven part of
it and it's definitely killer.  Goes from I-85 your side of Spartanburg up
into NC.  If you want, I'll see about getting a map for you.  Also, C&D
voted Hwy 221 up through NC one of its Ten Best (tm) roads in America a
few years back.  I've driven it as well.  Very fun.  You could probably
really open up the new Q now that the parking brake isn't holding it back.
Might want to get those new pads though.  The Z3 route is mighty harsh on
the stoppin' gear.

Jeremy R. King
'86 VW Quantum GL5
Auburn University, Alabama, USA

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Eric Schumacher wrote:

> I am planning a road trip in a month or so and would like some input as to
> great drives along the way.  I will be leaving Atlanta and ending in NY
> (Binghampton), VT (Burlington) and maybe NH.
> Any ideas?  
> I'd love a steep twisty two laner (of course).
> Eric Schumacher
> es61@prism.gatech.edu