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Re: Looking for great roads - Between GA and VT

     When you get to Albany, take 787N to Troy.  In Troy pick up 2E.  This 
     will take you up and over the Taconic ridge into Williamstown MA.  
     COntinue on 2E to North Adams.  From there get on 100N.  This will 
     take you into Vermont.  Off of 100N take 8N(Watch out for moose!) to 
     9E back to 100N.  Continue on 100N to 89W into Burlington.
     This is one of the most scenic drives I have ever done on the right 
     coast.  When you come up over the taconic ridge(border NY/MA) you see 
     Mt Greylock right in front of you(highest peak in MA).  You drop down 
     into Williamstown(very historic).  If you go in the summer, this is a 
     good place to hob-nob with celebs.  I partied with George Wendt and 
     Anthony Edwards here.  I also met Chris Reeves, Rebecca Demornay, 
     Justine Bateman, and some others.  Fun party town in the summer.
     Have Fun.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Looking for great roads - Between GA and VT
Author:  Eric Schumacher <es61@prism.gatech.edu> at Internet
Date:    4/29/96 5:29 PM

I am planning a road trip in a month or so and would like some input as to 
great drives along the way.  I will be leaving Atlanta and ending in NY 
(Binghampton), VT (Burlington) and maybe NH.
Any ideas?  
I'd love a steep twisty two laner (of course).
Eric Schumacher