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Re: Needed - Good Service Technician

Hairy green toads from Mars made Paul Lewandowski say:

> I'm definitely taking the car to another (3rd one now) dealership.  I reside 
> in New Jersey,  and would like to know if anyone can recommend a dealership in
> this area that they are satisfied with and can count on for good service and 
> proper diagnosis of problems.  I plan on keeping the car for as long as 
> possible and am interested in having a good relationship with a service tech 
> and/or department (Is this possible today or am I just an automotive service 
> idealist?).  I am also considering taking the car to a private service shop 
> for a diagnosis.  Any recommendations in the New Jersey area would be greatly 
> appreciated.  

Where in NJ do you live?

Bernardsville Audi is reasonably well regarded. Have you tried them?
You might also try Egenton's Garage in Plainfield (not a dealer, but
they know their stuff, and might give you some ammunition).


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