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Jacobs/Shokan & U

In a message dated 96-04-30 10:53:02 EDT, you write:

>Actually the rule reads:
>13.9A The make of spark plugs, points, ignition coil and high tension wires
>is free.
>What do you interpret that as meaning?  Does this mean the Jacob's stuff is
>legal or am 
>I missing something?
>Steve  Verona

Hmmmmm.....  Maybe jacobs will work on the N/A cars, I have suggested removal
on 3 turbo cars with them, and all the problems went AWAY.....  It is an
expensive setup, will yield less for the $400 than doing research
elsewhere....  Jacobs should be on the list of folks NOT to do business with
here, their technical expertise is ZERO, and for what you pay, it should
exceed the best.....  YMWV (your mileage won't vary).....  There are some
rules that allow you to "clean up" what you have steve, much cheaper and
effective than the Jacobs stuff....

While slam dancing, let me put a word out on Shokan....  At a recent qcusa
event (like this past wkend - report coming) I personally heard 3 stories
about their abrasiveness, lack of REFUND monies, and even q-quarterly ads are
"in arrears"....  As I know those full page ads make good money (they have to
pay tho qc), doubt Karen will jump in on this, but I assure you, make payment
with something other than COD with these folks ( but the why question comes
to mind), so your recourse on refunds is documented and multi-interest......
 I didn't fair too well with them myself last year trying to get a AC
compressor.....  Caveat