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Re: Replace 4000 Engine?

> I keep seeing "you can put in a Turbo" but my local mechanic just replaced a Turbo in a 
> 5000 Turbo, and it is totally non obvious to either of us how to go about this.  Does 
> anyone sell such service in UpState New York or even DownState or Boston.....
> Given all the plumbing and wires and other neat stuff, why isn't the question instead 
> asked about replacing a 10 valve with a 20 valve?  Too much $$$$$?  Doesn't bolt in?
> If I decide on more power, maybe I should look into getting an experienced shop...
There is a guy in Davis, CA that has built up a business of dropping turbo 
10vI5s into 4000Qs.  I've seen a pro-rally car that has one.  I'm sure that
there are a lot of things to be kept in mind with installing the turbo motor,
but a lot of the same is true for a 20vI5, and I don't think that you would
end up with the same potential.  In either case you're gonna need the full 
FI system including ECU, and in either case you're gonna have to work out 
the intake/exhaust plumbing ... the 20v motor is a cross-flow head.  I'd
almost be willing to bet that if you passed on the intercooler that the 
turbo would be an easier drop-in ... you probably could mount the new 
pieces in about the same place they'd be mounted with the current config-
uration.  I'd think very carefully, or talk to someone who has done it 
before I'd get in too deep.  Silly things like relocating the battery might
add up to make the whole thing impractical ...

I recommend that you roll up a car with a turbo (and a car with a 20v) next
to your car and do a comparison.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)