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RE: so i'm new...

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Glen Powell wrote:

> About 100 Lbs heavier 'cause of the AWD VS FWD - 

According to my '85 broshure, the 4000s quattro is 2824 lbs vs. the 4000s 
at 2337 lbs.  A little more than 100 lbs.

Ah - Yes! True! But *NOT* 'cause of the AWD! Quattro has higher equipment levels, better suspension, brakes, 5-cylinder, clutch, trans, aerodynamics, A/C, interior, etc, etc. The net effect of adding the AWD is in fact on the order of 100 Lbs per the 'Jeremey Walton Quattro Development and Competition History' book.

> and you also get better suspension and brakesas part of the Quattro 
> deal.....

And a better engine, and better seats.  A 4kq may look like a 4ks, but 
mechanically they are TOTALLY different cars.  I thought the quattro 
would just be my dad's car ('85 4000s) with 4WD.  It isn't.  

EXACTLY - hence the > 100 Lbs gross difference.