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Re: [Fwd: Re: Club activities]

STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> >I cannot address most of the issues in your letter, but as event master for
> >the Watkins Glen drivers event, I can certainly cover that.  The "Club" is a
> >non profit org.  Unfortunately that doesn't mean that it does not have to
> >pay
> >bills.  I can tell you that the cost for 2 days of track rental at Watkins
> >Glen this year is exactly $4500 per day. The insurance for last year was
> >$1100 per day, and most likely will increase this year.  There are also a
> >number of admin costs involved in putting on an event such as this.  Not to
> >mention the cost of transporting all the needed equipment from national
> >(helmets, lane toss lights, etc.)  If you do the numbers, you'll see that
> >there isn't that much left over.  We also must take into account that the
> >first event at the Glen (1994) lost approx. $5000 and last year just barely
> >broke even. Amortize this over the last 4 years.  NO PROFIT!!!
> Sorry to burst you bubble there Marshall, BUT.....  Watkins cost me
> $3000/day last year for the Trans-Am car..... AND Insurace is around
> $500/2 days Total from K&K........  See I used to have to make sure that
> we had it for all the Fast and Skippy Events and I know what it cost.....
>  I have also bought it for Private track days and smaller club events
> like the Alfa Club and they generally charge around $50-$75/day for there
> events.......
> Later!
> Eric Fletcher
> St. Louis, MO
> STEADIRIC@aol.com


What you paid is not relevent.  I have in my hand the rental agreement for 
Watkins Glen from last year. $4000/per day.  Period.  That is for a week day. 
Weekend events cost more.  I know that the BMW & Porsche clubs pay the EXACT 
same amount.  I personally met with the track officials in person 4 weeks 
ago.  The price for 1996 is $4500/day weekdays. PERIOD.  If you can get a 
better price, then I suggest that you negotiate on behalf of the club and get 
us a better price.  I certainly won't complain & I don't think anyone else 
will.  If ANYONE would like to verify the prices, the phone # for Watkins 
Glen is 607 535-2344.  Speak with Ann Conner.  She is the official in charge 
of track rental.  Again, if anybody can get a better price, let's do it.