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Race School Pricing

I am not going to get in the middle of this, but I have a little info to add.

Like Eric, I believe that the prices of Q-Club events do seem high.

When I first bought my 80Q (new in June of 1990), I signed on to the
Q-Club.  There were not too many members then, and the track racing and
instruction was sparse.  However, I did participate in several SCCA events
and a few from the BWWCCA club.  The main BMW event I raced in (in my Dad's
535i at the time) was in 90 or 91, and was at Mid-Ohio on a real track with
real instructors.  The price did not even come close to those of the Q-Club
events at the time (much cheaper).

My father is still a BMW guy, and still gets Roundel (the BMWCCA
publication).  In Roundel, there are several ads for their events, all of
which are comparably priced to Q-Club, but there are often Skip Barber guys
there and other people of note.  While I have never been to a Q-Club event,
I am sure the instruction is good.  From what I have heard, though, the
instruction simply doesn't justify the price.  Maybe it is a good deal, but
I figure it may be better to ride my father's BMWCCA membership right up
the coast to Sears Point and get in as the bastard German cousin.

Now look, I am going to re-join the Q-Club very soon (just received the
app), and will start to participate with the SoCal chapter that Paul does
such a great job with.  I do not have a problem with the Q-Club or the

Just my $250 dollars or so.


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