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>As far as squeaking belts go, I have come to the conclusion that when they
>squeaking they are either too loose are too worn. Never has belt dressing
>for me. 
>I replace my alternator belt about once every nine months due to it squeaking.
>It needs replacement this frequently because it is not properly aligned to the
>main pulley. But all I do is cut the old one off with a knife, put the new one
>around the alternator pulley, and wrap it as much as I can around the main
>pulley in the clockwise direction. Then I get in the car and turn the key. The
>belt goes on automatically and is properly tensioned.
>I always use the OEM belt, I have had no luck with any others.
>My .02  
>Paul Waterloo
>87 5KSQ

Although this practice would seem a simple labor saver, you are probably
decreasing the usable life of your belt by installing it in this manner.
When you stretch the belt over the pulley, the belt is forced to expand in a
direction it was never meant to go.  This will cause fiber breakage,
hastening the natural breakdown of the belt (all belts eventually break down
fibers and get larger in diameter, this being a common failure mode).  This
breakdown is most probably why you only get nine months out of a belt that
should routinely last years.

You could probably end your belt problems by correctly aligning your
pulleys, properly installing a quality belt, tensioning the works, and
checking again after a thousand miles.  BTW, when you have the belt off,
inspect your pulleys for wear.  A new belt on worn pulleys wears quickly,
rather like new chain on old sprockets (for you motorcycle guys).

Good luck!