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Re: Club activities

  Thanks for coming forward with your experience and 2 cents.  I can
appreciate the time and effort involved in the logistics involved in
session preparation.  If the duties can be successfully compartmentalised,
I would be happy to volunteer for whatever duties I can perform.  However
your last line sort of sums up why I offed the letter. 
  "I wish I could afford to participate in more events, (including my own).
 But that as they say is that."  The "they" is "US"( QClub USA members).  I
believe a fundamental law of Kinetic Energy states that a body in motion
tends to stay in motion until acted upon by outside forces.  I'll leave it
to you to say who's the body and who is the force.  I don't doubt at all
the accuracy of your #'s.  However as Eric pointed out it is relatively
easy to compute breakeven points for events and set prices accordingly to
ensure good turnout and profitabilty.  I would also guess that discounts
for prepayments and long range scheduling could be gotten, although you
would know better. 
   I hope my Pandoras box will solve more problems than it created and I
also suspect that overly heated e-mail exchanges can be put in their proper
perspectives if the overall outcome is beneficial for the members and