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RE: so i'm new...

already mentioned we are talking about an awd car with alot a electric 
    I will be able to get my wife to drive this car unlike my 2.4 
litre, 1800# Datsun 510.  Sure, that car is fast but, I sure endure 
alot of grief because it isnt comfortable: no air, no sound deadening, 
no room, ect..
    Wasn't it Colin Chapman who said, "for speed, add less weight"?
I can certainly agree with that but, for usefulness I love a 2825# awd 
with air, sunroof, and electric everything.  I may even be able to hear 
my CDs for the first time!-)
    On another subject, concensus seems to be saying that putting a 
turbo on a 4k is more trouble than its worth.  How about a supercharger 
with an aftermarket computer (haltech) running things?  About .5 or .6 
bar would help without to much threat to longevity.  Just a thought.

Jim Bennett 
Carrollton, Georgia