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Re: Club activities

     Will do on the updates, with all of the people looking for club
session info, you have to wonder if they have any idea how to get the word
out.  A simple post to list looks like it could shake out another 10
attendees per event (with all the requests I've gotten the last 2 days
forwarded to QClubUSA!).  I also don't see why a sliding scale fee can't be
announced.  If we get 50 its $260, 70 $220, 85+ $200.  It would be an added
incentive to bring a friend with rebates going to all who anted up early. 
Its like a coupon, the initial price doesn't discourage those who pay
retail, and the discount allows others to try who would othewise not come. 
     While Marshall Fletcher may be correct in saying this years price is
fixed, and many considered the money well spent.  I did as well, however as
my "skills" increase, I care not to pay more to recover the same ground as
I bet do people with a lot more hot seat time than me.  But I don't want to
exclude these people either. 
     I bet I could shake 5+ attendees free for Watkins if he told me $200@!
   (listers let me know if I am wrong as I can get a feel for your "Price
Elasticity of Demand" sorry I am an economist!)    
     While they might "lose" $60 per attendee, they would "get" $1,000 more
than otherwise.  Maybe not all of the attendees need the same level of time
intensive instruction.   Managerial accounting 101 tells you to sell that
last seat for anything above the cost of production bringing us back to how
much does it cost for 1, how much for 50 how much for 100?  We shall see.