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QClub Colorado Stapleton Event

As one of the event masters of the Colorado Stapleton driving schools along with
my wife and Scott Davis, I would like to add a more positive tone to the
discussion of Q-Club Event cost.  We were concerned about the cost and have
attempted to do something about it.  The National QCUSA is very supportive and
extremely helpful in assisting us in that goal.  

The Sunday May 19th Advance Driving School is $75 per participant.  The
School is open to all participants who have attended a Q-Club or equivalent
driving school.  The event is not restricted to Quattros.  The event is
limited to those with a prior driving school because it is only one day.

On Friday August 9th a Driving School for first time participants or those
wishing a refresher course will be held.  Cost is $75 PER VEHICLE with up to
two drivers per car.  This is to induce first timers, spouses and friends to
give an event a try.  If a car is shared for the driving school the
participants cost is $37.50 for the day!  Also on Friday there is an
Advanced School at $75 per participant for those with a prior school.

The second day on Saturday August 10th is an Advance Driving School for those
completing the Friday Driving School and those with a prior school.  Cost is $75
per participant.  The cost for those participating in the two day event is $150.

The costs are lower because the Stapleton track is operated by a volunteer group
of car clubs and racing groups.  The Quattro Club has joined the group and
participates in the operation of the track.  The Stapleton track is great to
drive on, but not much for amenities (concrete and porta-potties).  The
track area is so large, we are able to sublease the paddock portion to the
Corvette Club for a cone event while we use the track for the May event.  We
also can run the first time Driving School on August 9th off track while the
Advance School runs on track. Stapleton allows a reduction in cost (and the
ability to handle more cars) than Second Creek or other tracks in the area.

We have a limited, but quality group of instructors for the schools (and would
welcome more).  Activities will include driving exercises, follow-me lapping and
lapping sessions.  The events will place emphasis on safety and are not racing
schools.  There will be plenty of track time for all participates.  Unprepared
vehicles or unsafe driving will not be tolerated.

Applications were mailed to Rocky Mountain area QCUSA members for both
events and the August event application should be in the next Quarterly.  If
anyone needs an application let us know.
Bob Polich