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Re: Shokan Redux

 "Al Powell" <APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu> observes:

 A-> PS: count me firmly in the school which suggests NOT buying a used 
 A-> "bomb" when yours goes out.  My used one has worked about 80% 
 A-> correctly and lasted about a year - now I gotta replace it anyway.  
 A-> Sheesh.  I'll gulp and get a new one.

     You had to learn the hard way. I just bite the bullet and
     buy new on items like this. My rational is: If it lasted
     140,000 miles and ten years (the bomb on my 5KS) or
     75,000 miles and 5 years (on the V8), then I'll
     get at least that out of a new grenade.  I did try a 
     recharged (rebuilt) accumulator when the 5KS bomb went,
     it lasted 5 months and the brake light was back on. I 
     ended up having to replace it, this time with a new one,
     that was two years ago, sans problems since.

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