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4000 subwoofer options(long)

The only part I see as a problem is the subframe bushings underneath.  Maybee 
someone can hoist one up and see where they are in relation to the seat.  With 
a little welding I would think that it might be possible to box in a small 
inclosure under the seat assuming the bushings aren't in the way.

I think a better option though is in the rear deck.  I explored 4 options with 
this setup.  
1: Get free air speakers that dont require a box, but I dont know the sound 
quality of speakers of this type.  Cut holes in the rear deck and mount them.  
There is enough room below to miss the tank.  Ups: Big BASS. Stealth. 
Downsides: unknown sound quality.  Cutting rear deck may comprimise strength a 
little but I think you could countervent that with a little bracing.
2: The option I am currently exploring.  Get bass tubes and fab a mount to 
mount them in the rear deck angling them towards the front.  Ups:Prefabed box. 
 Decent sound quality(not quite as sharp as I would like).  Reletively easy to 
do. Fairly stealthy.  Downsides:The strength thing. Only decent sound quality. 
 Not really big bass.
3 What I have know. Just lay the tubes behind the front seats.  Ups: Easy as 
it gets installation.  Decent sound.  No cutting.  Can be removed quickly.  
Downsides: In the way when you get unexpected rear seat riders(but still can 
be removed quickly).  Not quite stealth. Not very finished.  Not big bass.
4:Bass shakers. Ups: I dont know much about sound quality but I expect they 
give BIG BASS.  Easy install. Can be installed either under the rear seat or 
the front seat(passenger side). Even under rear deck. Stealth.  Downsides: 
Will they loosen things up?  Unknown sound quality.  
5: Custom box under rear deck vented to interior.  Mount 8" woofers in a very 
custom cabinet unernieth deck.  With a venting system through the existing 
holes or cut new ones, you should get an excellant quality bass if you follow 
the woofers guidelines.  Ups: Very high quality bass with fairly tight 
response.  Fairly big bass.  No interior space taken up. Very little trunk 
space taken up.  Utilizes wasted space under deck. STEALTH. Very finished 
looking.  Downsides: $ca-ching.  Custom box can cost ya.  Hanging box can 
possibly make noise.  Hard to fabricate.  

I am sure this list is incomplete so lets hear from people that have done it.  
I have a sketch for a custom box if somebody wants it I will have to transfer 
to a word doc.
BTW Not ignoring reply's just got home from short vacation.
Pat Martin
864000csq 2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge(wanted Koni's but got Vetoed by other 
half),advanced and loving it.Soon to have Rota Cobra's 16x7 with AVS 
95 subaru legacy awd: so stock it hurts


On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Linus D. Toy wrote:

> not much--directly under the seat cushion is just sheetmetal.  below that,
> is probably stuff for the rear diff and suspension (front end of subframe
> mounting).  
Is there enough room for a small (1 cu.ft. or less) subwoofer enclosure?  
Or two?  We're trying to find a good place to put one, and the trunk 
isn't the best place in these cars, and there's a metal frame under the 
rear package tray.  Any ideas?