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Re: Offset of '91 200Q 15x7.5 Wheel

> > Ooops, nevermind!  Just went thru my archives & found the offset is 38mm.
> Are you sure?

> Many of the 200's (including, I'm pretty sure, the '91) had a 45mm offset.
> I think the rule is:
> 	If it has flared wheel wells, it has 45mm.

Dunno!  I do know that the stock wheels on my '87 TQ (non-AUDI-flared wells)
had the 45mm offset.  However, the '87 wheels were 15x6, whereas I *think* the
'91's have a 15x7.5, and a 38mm offset.  Anyone with a '91 200Q20V care to

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