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Quattro Club

OK - if you Quattro club folks are following this debate (which is a 
polite term for the roastine you're getting), here are my comments as 
NON-member...who you would probably like to have as a member.

1)  What I hear on this group strongly DISinclines me to ever express 
interest in the club.

2)  This can be remedied by a fiscal disclosure - I strongly 
recommend that you do so both in your newsletter and in a post to 
thie group.  Based on the sentiments expressed, I think the length of 
such a post would not be a problem.

3)  YOUR PR SUCKS.  You have (probably with good intentions) managed 
to make it look like you could give a s**t about your members once 
you get their money.  The story related about the NW region is 
especially damning.

4)  As someone in the communications "biz", I can advise you that the 
only way to fix a problem like this is to open up, speak out clearly 
and often, air the laundry, and start NOW.  Otherwise you can kiss 
off the chances of enlisting (or retaining) most of those on this 
group.  You don't want to do this.

5)  Since this group is likely to expand considerably (I'm on the 
Z-car list and it has grown from 800 members to 2000 in the past 12 
months) your reputation on this list is important.  Rest assured that 
if these issues are not addressed, your reputation will become a 
running joke on this list!.....IN PERPETUITY!

I am not trying to criticize QCUSA; I'm telling you exactly what 
this situation looks like from where I'm sitting, and what to do 
about it.  If there is no response, the issue is finished and I'll 
take part in whatever running joke begins about this.  (I had the 
first joke written into this post [right here] but since I'm really 
not flaming you YET I deleted it.)

The fact is, you've already lost on this issue - because one of the 
list members has asked for your tax records.  Better beat him to the 
punch and start talking.

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