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RE: thanks

I hope you can make the a la carte bit work, there are a bunch of
options. Those choosing one day might be spread over both days, I bet
you could get more thru with that model. The required vehicle dynamics
for newbies (like me, I have not participated in a track event before)
is absolutely correct, but as you note, not all need it. The sliding fee
based on attendance could work if we continue to allow non-cognoscenti
to participate, maybe even teaming up with another club for the event.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

>From: 	Marshall Fletcher[SMTP:marshall@fletch.roc.servtech.com]
>Sent: 	Thursday, May 02, 1996 11:59 AM
>To: 	Duff, Ian
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>Subject: 	Re: thanks
>Duff, Ian wrote:
>> One choice would be a more a la carte menu, so I could choose to attend
>> for one day only, or to attend or not the vehicle dynamics part. The
>> dinner and official hotel are both great ideas, since one of the reasons
>> I would attend is to immerse myself in quattro-dom including talking
>> with other similarly twisted folks.
>> Another option would be to do some sort of volume discount (spread the
>> fixed costs across more attendees), either everyone benefits (more
>> signups=lower fees) or groups benefit (group signup=lower cost for each
>> member of that group). I would favor the former. Maybe it could be
>> implemented with a fixed deposit to determine the total number planning
>> to attend, and a variable final payment depending on total signed up
>> attendance.
>> Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
>> 1990 Coupe Quattro
>Thanks for responding.  I think the Ala carte idea may have merit.  I
>recommend that it be looked into next year by whoever does this event
>(I am 
>retiring).  There a numerous problems to be factored in though.  At the
>we (the Club) have to reserve time almost 1 year in advence.  If we
>book 2 
>days, we must pay for 2 days.  If we book 2, and numerous students opt
>one day only, the cost for rental remains the same.  If we could be 
>GUARANTEED attendance, then it would be easier to schedule this out. 
>It is 
>difficult to reserve a track in October of the prev. year, when you are
>sure of the draw for an event in July.  I will bring it up though.
>As for vehicle dynamics & exercises, I see no need for students who
>have been 
>through it a few times to do these, although it is encouraged.  The
>though are required to at least have some idea of the limits of their 
>vehicle.  As event master, I feel (and I think you would agree)that it
>be irresponsible to allow people on a high speed race course without a
>In fact, the Watkins Glen officials require this for novices.  There a
>more than just student's concerns involved.  The insurer, the Track,
>and the 
>club all have rules, and not all of them mesh.
>The idea of a sliding fee based on the # of attendees, is also a good
>Unfortunately, the Audi attendance is just not there.  Although last
>event had 80 paid students, only 45 were from the Qclub.  Tho other's
>from the BMW club.  We had a deal with them.  They would guarantee  a
>house, in exchange for half the profits.  If I had held this as a Qclub
>event, there wouldn't have been enough students to break even. 
>the word is out this year, and we can draw 80 Audi-ites.  In reality, I
>expect to have 50 or so though.  Keep in mind too, that more students =
>track time.  The BMW club events at the Glen this year, are $245 for 2
>but there are over 120 students.  If you have ever been to a very
>event, they are difficult to manage, and track time & quality decrease.
>Now about my event.  I have arrainged with a place called the Seneca
>Lodge in 
>WG to be the HQ.  We will do tech & reg on Sun PM there.  I have a
>that is organizing a dinner at the Glen Club facility at the track.  At
>point, it is pay your own way, but I am hoping that Audi America will
>up some bucks to either pay or subsidize this.  I have also arrainged
>to have 
>a genuine Audi Dealer with 2 mechanics on hand.  They will tech the
>cars & 
>will provide service at the track .  I have been to enough events at
>the glen 
>to hopefully combine the best aspects of all the other clubs schools. 
>decided to hold students to 80 .  This gives me 4 student run groups of
>cars.  Very desireable.  If I have enough instructors, I will attempt
>to do 3 
>groups.  This will give one more session/ day for everyone, and 25 to
>cars / group isn't bad on a 3.4 mile track.  There will be classroom 
>instruction and hopefully an Audi rep to conduct a tech Q & A.   All in
>all I 
>plan to keep most people busy.  I don't remember you being at the WG
>last year.  Were you there, have you attended any Qclub events before? 
>Hope this answers some of your ????'s.
>Thanks again for the input.