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Re: Won't start by itself

I'd guess the ignition switch.

>Fellow Audians;  After three months of bliss, the honeymoon has come to an
>end. My '91 200TQW will not start itself. The problem first reared its
>head Monday
>after work. I turned the key and nothing happened. Same thing about three
>times. Got
>out of the car, for a moment, had a look around and got back in. Turned
>the key; it
>quickly started and off we went. It started right up yesterday morning;
>did the wait until
>I'm ready yesterday afternoon after work, and I had turned the key twice
>this morning
>with nothing but on the third try it started right up. There's no long
>rhrhrhrhrhrhrh grind,
>just nothing, and then a quick Brrp and off we go. It's consistently
>inconsistent. This
>afternoon after work it would not start period. I pushed it on to the
>parking garage ramp
>and jump started it (popped the clutch in 2nd) and off we went, no
>problems. Right now
>it's into the third hour on a battery charger. Its got to be an electrical
>gremlin, but I
>have no idea where to start. Well, not exactly true, I did check the
>fuses, there did not
>seem to be a dedicated starter fuse, but they all seemed to be OK and seated
>properly. If it helps that car has 86K. Any an all advice greatly
>accepted. TIA Greg

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL