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Re: Motor Madness

In a message dated 96-05-02 22:49:20 EDT, 75363.2524@CompuServe.COM (Joe
Yakubik) writes:

> the Audi A4 TDI (diesel turbo direct injection --
>a VERY popular motor in Europe)  uses a VW engine

Actually, the combustion chamber design, the swirl port, the injection
technology, etc. all come from Audi (with the help of third party engineering
firms, but let's not split hairs). VW's contribution was in building the four
cylinder version, while Audi concentrated on the fives.  Without Audi's TDI
development, there wouldn't be any VW TDI.

The Volvo TDI is even more straight forward; they buy the lumps from Audi.