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re: Vacuum Pump

>From: Robert bauer <102263.2714@CompuServe.COM>
>Date: 02 May 96 21:09:35 EDT
>Subject: Vacuum Pump
>I seem to remember a vacuum pump rebuild kit being available.  I called Carousel
>here in MN and they said not available.  It has been making a terrible racket
>over the past few days.  I took my car in to have Anderson Bros. do my drive
>shaft and they say it sounds like the spring broke.  I figured that I would
>rebuild it myself - if I can find a kit.   Any info would be appriciated.  TIA
>Robert Bauer
>'88 80q
>Minneapolis, MN

I removed the pump rod on my '88 90Q about two years ago, to no apparent detriment 
on braking force - occasionaly it is slightly heavier than normal, but not often.  I 
think a new pump is $200+ ($600 Audi retail).  Have never heard of a rebuild kit.  
But, rather than let the shaft bounce on your camshaft, I suggest pulling the shaft. 
But, satisfy yourself that you (and whomever else may drive) can handle the extra 
force that *may* be required.

Allan Morris
Phoenix, Arizona
1988  90Q