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Re: Changing Brake Fluid

In a message dated 96-05-03 01:11:42 EDT, you write:

>Gimme the skinny on changing it.  Do I open all four bleeders on each brake
>in sequence and then the main one last?  I have the Bentley, but the
>procedure is somewhat unclear.

A pressure bleeder is preferred with abs cars, but you can do the stomp and
squirt method.....  The theory audi likes is the furthest from the MC first,
so that would be RR>LR>RF>LF....  Since the q's use a single line to the
rear, it also makes sense....  I have also (b4 bleeder purchase) let car
gravity bleed, but doesn't work well and takes forever in the back....

>Is there some sort of Super brake fluid I should use (as long as it is Dot
>4)?  You guys have done it, so a full detail would be nice if you know.
Your BMW dealer sells some Super DOT 4 ATE brake fluid that is pretty cheap,
and prolly the best wallet to performance ratio....  If not Castrol LMA is
prolly fine second choice....