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Re: Are they always this mad?!

Bob said:
Geez... this is like the twilight zone... My hood cable and e-brake cable
broke on me this past weekend too!
WRT to hood cable... Mine was fortunate enough to brake near the handle.
So I cut back the black housing until I found new cable, put on a pair of
vice grips and yanked. It opened, at which point I put in the new cable.
It took all of 10 minutes.
If it didnt break where you can do this, take a long screwdriver, poke it
through the grill and manually push over the releases. I had to do this
once I put in the new cable, it was adjusted wrong! Argh!

Isn't there a little emergency pull cable for the hood release?
Nothing fancy, but enough to get the hood open again when the
primary cable fails. Take a peek under the drivers side dash, right
up near the firewall, look for a little loop of cable.

Or is that the Jag and not the Audi... Hmmm, not sure all of a 

Eric T.     '86 5kS