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Looking for a 90Q in the N.E. region...

		   Ok, this list helped locate a 200Q for a friend a few months ago,
whats the odds you can do it again.  A coworker is looking for a 90Q.
No particular year. In the central N.E. area. (he's in framingham)
and what should he look for in terms of known trouble areas ?

And, I vaguely remember (maybe six months ago) a list member talking
about having a connection at Dunlop.  (or maybe some other manufacturer)
I need to replace the rubber on my 4KQ and am about to start checking the
mailorder houses but figured it couldn't hurt to ask the list first.
Are there any deals out there ?

Thanks in adnvance, Tom.

86 4KQ  (at 187k)

Leominster, Mass. U.S.A.