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RE: QCUSA, Breaking away

It's always a shame when car club members become so dissatisfied with the
parent organization they feel compelled to start their own club. 
I would hate to see the parent organization, already established, fail its
members and potential members like the Fiat club I mentioned above. 

Agreed! QCUSA has much experience and critical mass. IMFO we should NOT give up and start another new club - this might be a big mistake. We should try to the best of our abilities and exercise reasonable patience to get the issues and problems aired, addressed and resolved BEFORE even CONSIDERING starting another club. Let's at least give QCUSA reasonable time and a fair chance to address our concerns. Their experience, membership, many events, AOA support and critical mass are well worth the effort of trying to work this through!

But if
need be, a start-up group may be what it takes to bring enjoyment and
credibility to an enthusiasts organization. QCUSA, the clock is ticking.....

Let's give them the benefit of the doubt (for now) and work with them - not against them,