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Intermittant speedometer

For the past couple of weeks, my speedometer doesn't work sometimes.  When 
it is "flaking out," the indicated speed fluctuates between 5 and 30 mph, no 
matter what speed I'm actually driving.

So far, when it doesn*t work right, it happens when I first start driving. 
 It won*t start acting flaky while driving.  Once, at the beginning of a 
2-hour trip, it starting acting flaky for the first twenty minutes.  After 
that, it worked fine for the rest of the trip.

Adding to my frustration is that happens so randomly.  I can drive the car a 
seven times in a day, and it might happen once.  The next day, it will 
happen 3 times out of 5.

Any advice?


'90 100
Dayton, OH