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variable interval relay on 5Ks

I've just been to local furr'in parts place searching for the VW variable
relay for the wipers. They didn't have any. Haven't heard of it. But went
out to poke around the cars to see what they have. Finally found on sitting
on the desk right in front of him when he checked his books for the
umpteenth time.

It was an VW relay with variable as part is the name stamped on the top.
Forgot the P/N of the thing since he was only going to charge me $5. Tried
it and got fixed relay syndrome. Did the turn on, turn off for interval,
then turn it back to timed relay wiper position. No dice.

Is 1HM 955 531A the only variable relay that would work. Or did I goof up
the sequence for setting the timer?
$5 ain't bad if I can get the thing to work.


Have a joyous weekend.

Ernest Wong