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Re: brake rotors

In a message dated 96-05-03 15:58:44 EDT, you write:

> Within 5k miles the vibration had returned without any provocation (brake
>abuse).  This time the (Audi) dealer replaced the rear pads and rotors (??).
> No help.  I went back and was told the fronts needed replacing.  I showed
>him the repair history, he shrugged and I decided to live with it for a
>while, convinced that it was not the rotors but having no other idea.  Well,
>at 72K, the vibration has gone away all by itself.  No further repairs have
>been made in regard to this. I have accepted this in blissful ignorance to
>logic.  Anybody out there have an ideas on this??

Excessive warpage of rotors is most likely a key that your wheel bearings
need replacement....  A sticking caliper piston can do this as well, sticking
caliper should be felt on a hill, it will still drag when foot off
brake........  Make sure you bleed the brakes 1 per year, brake fluid absorbs
water over time, and can wreak havoc on the brake feel and pulsation...