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Re: V8 Engine

At 07:49 AM 4/30/96 -0700, you wrote:
>On 30 Apr 1996, Paul C. Waterloo wrote:
>> I always wondered where Audi developed the V8 and why it was only used in one
>> car with relative small production numbers.
>the v8 had a relatively short and simple development.  it was just two
>VW GTI 16Vs siamesed in a new lightweight Al-Si block.  the heads are
>carried over unchanged.  in fact i can replace the distributors with
>those from a GTI 16V.  they are the same part.

Does this mean I can call Autotech or some other VW HP shop and order 2 sets
of 16V GTI HP cam sets and get a little more low end zip from our V8?  How
about some of Techtonics bigger 16V GTI pistons?  The 16V VW HP parts bin is
very deep.  Should I go there?


John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

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1982 TQC
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1990 V8