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Re: V8 Engine

On Fri, 3 May 1996, John Karasaki wrote:

> Does this mean I can call Autotech or some other VW HP shop and order 2 sets
> of 16V GTI HP cam sets and get a little more low end zip from our V8?

i apologise if i oversimplified things.  if you put new cams in i don't
know how the motronic system will react.  it is not made up of two
gti 16v motronic units... :)

> about some of Techtonics bigger 16V GTI pistons?  The 16V VW HP parts bin is
> very deep.  Should I go there?

you could, i suppose.  but i don't think that anybody has ever tried it.
the cylinder dimensions are identical, btw... 81 X 86.4 mm

the v8 has a different CR from the gti 16V at 10.6:1.  i think this
probably means it has a more advanced motronic knock detection, and
different pistons too (?)

if you want more low end zip, the thing to do is to brake torque the