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Re: QClub hara-kiri

>watching from the sidelines as an impartial observer, i am shocked at how
>oblivious the QC people are to the damage their reputation is sustaining
>with each passing day.
>it is looking really bad now,  probably beyond repair.  i think you guys
>might as well start a new club because even if you get to the bottom of
>this, i doubt if the reputation can ever be fully restored.
>if i were a member, it would be a personal embarassment because in general
>i don't sink money into black holes.

Well, it's sounding like it's into a rampaging forest fire, but I think the
flames have been unduly flamed.  I'm not happy about what I'm seeing on the
list, but I'm not going to suggest that QCUSA or any of us divorce our
entrails at this time.  Not that I'm usually the coolest in the room, but I
would suggest a week of moderation and cooling off.  Let's wait a bit for
that answer, and then if it's not satisfactory, as Dan implied, we can deal
with that then.

And we should probably lighten up on Karen.  It's kinda hard to stick your
head out over the rail if the sharks are jumping like flying fish.  Bad
could quite possibly get much worse, especially if you're a hired hand
trying to get a response from superiors so that you don't say something
"incorrect or inopportune".  And I don't know her from Eve....just BTDT. 
The consequences of not following or dealing with the chain of command can
make it hard to sit for a few weeks.

By the way, took the TQC out to drive to work last Thursday because the
D**M Crown Vic has given me the backache from hell.  Amazing how sitting
and driving a 13 year old car can show up a nearly new barge so easily.  So
my back felt so good that I mowed the half acre and finally transferred
some of those 40 boxes full of the paraphenalia of academia (read books,
papers and tech journals) into the attic.  So now my backs sore
again...can't win.  See, I'm not real good at moderation.

And boy does this sucker seem to fly down here at sea level!  If only I
could get all the boxes into the attic, I might be able to get Paul's mods
installed (Nope, not even the first one).

By the way, the powers that be at my place of work have agreed to replace
said Vic with an Intrepid ES...had to run when I suggested again that an
allowance would be appreciated becuase there was an S6 for sale.  Maybe
someone's kind and loving parents will buy me one, too.


Stephen A. Marinello, Ph.D.
Newpark Resources, Inc.
P.O. Box 6411 - Metairie, LA 70009